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Past Affiliations



May 09 - May 12: Let's meet at CHI 2016 in San Jose!

May 06 - May 08: Coming to Development Consortium/ HCI Across Borders Workshop in San Jose?

Apr 01: Read the final copy of my naive collaboration call for Education across Borders at HCI Across Borders workshop at CHI 2016

Mar 30: Done with courses and CSE Research Exam requirement for an intermediate Masters

Mar 15: Flip through my slides on Scaling Learner feedback in MOOCs.
Summary: Automated tools in isolation don't work, seed with instructor wisdom

Feb 29 - Mar 02: Presenting Darwin poster at CSCW 2016 in San Francisco

Feb 07: Check out our webpage for the CHI paper, created by our undergrad super-RA Rachel

Jan 15: Submitted proposal for HCI Across Borders workshop at CHI 2016. Topic: Education across borders. (edit: Accepted)

Jan 10: "Why do sysadmins make config errors that cost millions to your company!?". Read our ArXiv paper about HCI view of configuration problems (w/ Tianyin Xu)

Jan 10: Website update. <howls of joy>

Jan 04: Winter term begins. Plans: Research + one class + exploring SD more

Jan 02: Happy New Year yall! Another year of opportunities..


Dec 15: CHI paper accepted! "Framing Feedback: Choosing Review Environment Features that Support High Quality Peer Assessment", w/ Catherine Hicks and Ailie Fraser

Nov 20: Paper submitted to SIGMOD 2016. (edit: Rejected)

Nov 07: Work-in-progress submitted to CSCW 2016.
(edit: Accepted)

Oct 31: Paper submitted to Learning@Scale2016.
(edit: Rejected)

Sep 26: Paper submitted to CHI 2016.
(edit: Accepted)

Beautiful Vienna summer . Pic

Sep 26: End of summer at IST Austria and Vienna. Back to SD.

July 13: Beginning internship at IST Austria, Vienna. Working w/ Krish: to build tools
(1) to incentivize students in online classes, and
(2) to help them write proofs

May 27: Design of Everyday Things as a class! Excited to TA DSGN 1 in Fall 2015 for Don Norman + Jim Hollan w/ Yasmine

May 27: Let's meet in Vienna!
Spending summer at IST Austria developing techniques + tools to help students generate proofs in online classes

May 23: Phew! Submitted CSCW Paper w/ Catherine Hicks
(edit: Rejected)

May 20: Tweet Tweet Chirp

Apr 09: Our work on Talkabout+ is featured on Jacobs' School of Engineering blog! Also, camera puts on 37 pounds

Mar 30: Spring quarter begins. TA for Professor Kamalika's class IntroAI: Statistical Approach

Mar 20: Throwback to systems days: Patent granted from NetApp work on creating large-scale data archival product.

Mar 20: Winter quarter is over. Courses (Machine Learning and Database Systems) + Teaching (IntroHCI) + some research.

Jan 28: Work-in-Progress about understanding participant motivations in online discussion groups accepted at Learning@Scale 2015!

Jan 5: TAing Scott's Intro HCI Design course in Winter 2015


Dec 20: Fall quarter is over. Course (Principles of Artificial Intelligence) + Teaching (GradHCI). Off to camping in NorCal.

Nov 07: Gave a database seminar on outsourced integrity checks work from summer

Sep 25: TAing Scott's Graduate Human-Computer Interaction Course in Fall 2014

Sep 25: Doubling up as Co-president for Association of Indian Graduate Students at UCSD.

Sep 10: Back at university after an amazing internship at Microsoft Research on security issues in cloud databases. Paper under preparation.

Beautiful summer in Seattle!

Jun 16: Spring quarter is over. Courses (Cryptography and Distributed Systems) + Research

Mar 31: Summer update - I will be interning at Microsoft Research, Redmond.

Mar 21: Winter quarter is over. Courses (Algorithms and Operating Systems) + Research.


Dec 18: Fall quarter is over. Classes (Computer Architecture, Human-Computer Interaction) + Research.

Nov 05: Acceptance news: Integer representations work (undergraduate thesis) accepted in Journal of Discrete Algorithms, a year after submission. Tired yay!

Oct 03: Fall quarter begins. Checking the scene!

Seminars: Architecture, Design at Large, and Faculty Research


Lab: 1601, after elevator
Calit2 building

Also called:
1. Qualcomm Institue
2. Atkinson Hall
3. Whatever it is called today
Right opposite CSE building
Map link

Mailing address:
UC San Diego, Computer Science and Engg
9500 Gilman Drive MC0404
La Jolla, CA - 92093-0404

I am a first second third fourth fifth year graduate student in Computer Science at UC San Diego. I work with Professor Scott Klemmer at Design Lab.

I develop techniques that enable people to perform personally-meaningful scientific work using online learning and training material. My research aims to teach anyone to perform science and then create novel knowledge using the scale and diversity of people on the internet. I hope this will make us discuss why our education and research institutions are so insular, especially in the age of internet, and provide some ideas about how we might move ahead. The knowledge of science impacts a diverse planet; in the future, this diverse community may importantly contribute to it.

If you are curious about such scientific social computing systems research, try these:

  1. For an overview, skim through my thesis proposal slides (Creating Scientific Theories with Online Learners) or watch the actual proposal video on YouTube
  2. For a more hands-on experience, try Gut Instinct (info, login) -- a scientific social computing system -- to learn and uncover secrets about the gut microbiome. This work is in collaboration with the super-amazing folks at American Gut Project and Knight Lab, led by Professor Rob Knight at UC San Diego. Gut Instinct has 950 participants as of Oct 7, 2017. Join now!
  3. Looking for a more academic take? Try publications on Google Scholar
  4. Just mail me -- vipandey(a)ucsd.edu -- if you have questions and we'll find a slot to chat...

I don't update my website all that frequently;
Here's my resume (Sep 2017): pdf icon

Research Experience

I design ways to make online education more useful for students, instructors, and researchers.

Currently, I am developing tools to allow online students to perform useful scientific work as part of online learning. Here's our CHI 2017 paper about how learners can create theories about human microbiome using online learning materials.

In my exploratory projects and prototypes, I draw ideas/ techniques from disparate areas like Machine Learning (e.g.: classifying assignment submissions), Crowdsourcing (e.g.: how can online learners do non-trivial work), Programming Languages (e.g.: using program synthesis to provide feedback), Decision theory (to incentivize student participation) and Learning psychology.

Previously, I have built systems and created data structures for a range of problems including efficient integrity checks for databases (SIGMOD 2017), quick failover in a clustered operating system (NetApp internal report), quick arithmetic operations w/ novel integer representations (Journal of Discrete Algorithms 2014, TAMC 2011) and efficient database indexing for flash memory (Journal in Korea - fun times!).


Graduate school

Work at NetApp Research

Two papers in NetApp Technical Journal (NATJ), with project members. NATJ is NetApp's internal journal which intends to communicate and archive important research and development work. My papers described the work towards vaulting across clusters and instantaneous takeover in a clustered setup.

Undergraduate studies

  • Integer representations towards efficient counting in the bit probe model. Gerth Brodal, Mark Greve, Vineet Pandey, S. Srinivasa Rao.
    Journal of Discrete Algorithms, 2014.
    pdf icon

    TAMC 2011: 8th Annual Conference on Theory and Applications of Models of Computation, Tokyo, May 2011. pdf icon

  • Tree Indexing Structures for Flash Memory. SeungBum Jo, Vineet Pandey, S. Srinivasa Rao. Student Research Symposium, 18th International Conference on High Performance Computing (HiPC 2011), Bangalore, Dec 2011. pdf <p></p>icon

    A longer version of the paper was also published in journal of KIISE. You'll enjoy it more if you can read Korean!
    pdf icon


System and method for efficiently migrating data from legacy storage systems to newer object based storage systems. Chhavi Sharma, Parag Deshmukh, Ranjit Kumar and Vineet Pandey. Patent granted in 2015.

Teaching Experience

I have been Teaching Assistant for four quarters at the university. (Number of students below refers to number of students who filled the post-course surveys)

Work Experience

Visiting Student, IST Austria
July 2015 - Sep 2015
Evolutionary game-theoretic model for peer feedback in online classes.

Summer Intern, Microsoft Research
June 2014 - Sep 2014
Data structures for efficient integrity checks on outsourced databases
aka "How I learned to stop worrying and love the cloud for all my database needs". Paper under submission.

Advanced Technology Group, NetApp
July 2011 - May 2013
As a Member of Technical Staff, I worked in teams of 2 or 3 engineers to design, implement and measure the performance of prototypes. We worked to scale up the vaulting capabilities in the existing OS code and to reduce the failover time (drastically!) in a cluster with high availability configuration. The ideas and techniques demonstrated were taken up by multiple product teams and led to patent application and internal papers.

Along with team members, I was selected for Honorable Mention in 'Innovation' and 'Teamwork' categories in semi-annual CTO awards.

Undergraduate research
As an undergraduate, I was lucky to work on diverse research topics with great mentors during research internships.


University of California, San Diego
Ph.D. Computer Science (2013 - )

BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus
B.E. (Hons.) Computer Science (2011)


More information

Before beginning graduate school, I worked at NetApp Research/ Advanced Technology Group towards building new storage products using techniques in low-latency networking, security and more. In my first year at UCSD, I worked with Professor Steven Swanson at the Non-Volatile Systems Lab.

Even before (phew!), I graduated from BITS Pilani in India with an undergraduate degree in Computer Science.

I am currently leading the Association of Indian Graduate Students at the university towards organizing events for incoming students and the Indian and university community at large. We barely meet our expenses. Want to help?

I also help organize Annual Alumni Research Talks and Annual Alumni Award for Excellence in Computer Science (defunct now) at BITS Pilani.

Non-CS Publications

Dominant hegemonic voice in Azar Nafisi's Reading Lolita in Tehran. Geetha B., Vineet Pandey, Nilanjana Bhattacharya. American Comparative Literature Association Conference at Simon Frazer University, Vancouver, Canada. March 31- April 3 2011.

A longer version was also accepted at Pertanika Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities.

The other side

Traveling, Outdoors, Sports, Reading, Writing.